Dec 2019

wod 20191229

A: (1)
3 sets, of:
Yoga Push-ups x 10 reps
Banded Straight Arm Lat-pull downs x 10 reps
Star Plank :30/30 sec

8 sets, of:
Barbell Floor Press x 8 reps @60/40kg (team up 2 to assist getting the bar up on straight arms)
Dumbbell Pull-overs (laying on a wall ball) x 8 reps @22.5/15kg

AMRAP 18 in, of:
Devils Press x 10 reps @15/10kg
Pull-ups x 9 reps (Ring Rows)
Ground to over Head x 5 reps @70/45kg
Handstand Walk x 10 meters (Bear Crawl 10 + 10 meters)