Nov 2019

wod 20191125

3 set, of:
Walking Lunges x 20 reps
Banded Goodmorgning x 10 reps
Scapula Pull-ups x 10 reps

3 sets, of:
Bulgarian Dumbbell Split Squats x 10/10 reps @15/10kg x 2
Single leg Crossbody Bumbbell Deadlifts x 10/10 reps @22.5/15kg
Dumbbell Box Step Overs x 10 reps @15/10kg x 2

In teams of 2 (you go I go), 20 rounds of:
Hang Squat Clean x 5 reps @50/35kg
Front Squat x 5 reps @50/35kg
Shoulder to over head x 5 reps @50/35kg