Jan 2018

wod 20180108

Pike Stretch x 30 seconds
Straddle Stretch x 30 seconds
Couch Stretch x 30 Sec

EMOM 15 min, of:
Push-ups on wallball x 10 reps
Strict Toes to bar (rubberband behind hip) x 5 reps
Ring Support hold x 20 seconds

AMRAP 20 min, of:
Alternating Dumbbell Power Snatches* x 30 reps @23/15kg
Box Jumps x 30 reps
Wallballs x 30 reps
Toes to Bar x 30 reps
* Ladies use 16 kg KB since we dont have 15 kg Dumbells yet

2 sets, of:
Negative handstand push-up x 4 reps
Over head Shoulder rocks x 10 reps https://youtu.be/NOUWj55b6n0”