Aug 2017

wod 20170808

2 sets, of:
Mountain Climbers x 20 reps
Air Squats x 15 reps
Wall Climbes x 3 reps

EMOM 7 min, of:
Strict pull-ups x 4 reps *
* if needed use a band, do not bounce. If you have strict Chest to bar do Chest to bar

EMOM 16 min, of:
Even: Wallballs x 15 reps
Odd: Hang Power Cleans x 5 reps @heavy
* Build over the sets of HPC, from 60%, if you drop the bar mid set 5 burpees

2 sets, of:
Couch stretch x 30+30 sec
Hamstrings stretch x 30+30 sec”