Mar 2017

wod 20170301

3 sets, of:
Bear Crawl x 10 meters
Push-ups x 10 reps
Banded lat pulldowns x 20 reps
Broad jumps x 10 reps

10 rounds, of:
2 single unders + 1 double unders + 2 single unders

5 sets, of:
Toes-to bar x 10 reps*
*Practice pulling body in to hollow and then pull legs as high as possible

7 min AMRAP, of:
Wall Ball Shots @9/6kg
*Deadlifts x 5 reps @100/70kg at the top of each minute

Bullet proof Shoulders
Sideplank x 20 reps
Scapula push-ups x 20 reps
T’s on a box x 20 reps
W’s on a box x 20 reps
Single arm kb press x 10/10 reps”