Nov 2017

wod 2017-11-01

2 sets, of:
Bear Crawl x 10 meters
Pass Throughs x 10 reps
Handstand Kick-ups x 10 reps

4 sets, of:
Single arm Kettelbell Overhead Reverse lunges x 6/6 reps
* focus on shoulder stability

For Time:
Clean and Jerks x 50 reps @60/40kg
*At the top of each minute, complete 6 TTB or hanging knee raisers, start with TTB.


Bullet proof Shoulders #2
Banded Pull-apart x 15 reps
Skapula Handstand Push-ups x 10 reps
Sidelying rotorcufs x 10/10 reps
Shoulder flyes to 45 degrees above shoulder x 15 reps
Wall walk x 10 reps”