Nov 2016

wod 20161127

3 laps, of:
Monster Walk x 10/10 reps
Handrelease Push-ups x 12 reps
Burpees x 5 reps
Air Squats x 15 reps

Over Head Squat

10 rounds for time in pair of 2:
Row 500 meters
2 rounds, of:
Kettelbells Swings(r) x 15 reps
Boxjumps x 15 reps
* 1 person is on the rower and the other performs the 2 rounds, no rotating until both tasks are completed

Bullet proof Shoulders
Sideplank x 20 reps
Scapula push-ups x 20 reps
T’s on a box x 20 reps
W’s on a box x 20 reps
Single arm kb press x 10/10 reps”